A little history of the face shop

A little history of the face shop

It’s been over 20 years since Frankie’s first online shop opened in Washington DC, but that’s all history.

A couple years ago, the popular social media influencer was sold to Ebay for a whopping $3 million.

But for a guy who’s been selling his face makeup for over 20 months, he’s not the same person he was a year ago.

For Frankie, it’s been a long road back to health.

And a very different face.

Before we get into the backstory, let’s talk about how it all started.

When Frankie first launched his online shop in January 2011, he was still trying to get healthy.

And he was struggling with acne and other issues.

In 2012, he even quit his job and started his own company, so he could pay his bills.

But in the months that followed, his website got more popular, and customers started calling in to ask about the makeup.

It’s no secret that the face is one of the most popular topics on social media, and there’s no shortage of makeup tutorials and products available.

When he launched the Face Shop in June 2012, Frankie wasn’t sure what to do with his time.

He said he didn’t want to spend more money on makeup, and he wasn’t happy with the results.

The shop had already been a success, and the sales had grown so much that he thought he could make more money.

So in January 2013, Franky sold his website to Ebays for $3.5 million.

“The plan was to make $2 million from the website,” Franky told BuzzFeed News.

But as it turned out, Frankies success came after Ebays stock price skyrocketed, and a deal with Amazon quickly fell through.

“I was thinking, I’m going to make another $2.5, and I’ll be OK,” Frankies father, Bruce, said.

Frankie said he and his wife were very excited when they found out that Ebays offer was only $3, and they were very confident that they could make enough money from the deal to keep the website going.

Frankies daughter, Stephanie, said she didn’t know anything about her dad’s business before he got the deal.

“Frankie said that he was just starting his online store because he was looking for a way to make some money, and it was a way that he could get healthier,” Stephanie said.

“But when it was over, I thought, he made the wrong decision.

He should have just quit his day job and gotten a real job instead of going through this whole thing.”

So the family decided to sell their business, too.

“It was a really hard decision,” Bruce said.

After Frankie sold his business, he spent a lot of time researching his new product line and buying more products to help him get ready for the launch of Face Shop, a brand he had dreamed about for years.

He’s already got a few products in his arsenal and he’s excited about what he’s going to launch next.

Franky also has a new online store, The Face Shop II, which he’s launching today.

His goal is to bring the same face makeup, face products, and makeup tools he sells online, with a more affordable price tag.

He also hopes to sell a limited number of products that can only be purchased online.

“My goal is not to make it the same, but to make my brand unique,” Frankie told BuzzFeed.

“To make it so that it can reach more people and be more affordable.”

But in an industry that is dominated by big names, brands, and even celebrities, the brand Frankie built has been limited.

Frankys products aren’t available on Ebays or Amazon and he doesn’t have any plans to launch any other products anytime soon.

“You know, I don’t want that money,” he said.

When you have a brand that you build, you want to keep it going, but you don’t have a lot in your pocket.

“When you’re making the same product over and over again, you’re not getting as much out of it,” Bruce Frankies said.

He wants his company to have a consistent quality product, and so he and Stephanie are already starting work on a new product each month.

For Stephanie, it will be a new face product.

“We’ve got a lot more coming in for the holidays,” she said.

And for Frankie?

“I don’t know.

I’ll probably wait to see what’s out there.”