An image of the mysterious ‘pink unicorn’ has been shared online by Google News

An image of the mysterious ‘pink unicorn’ has been shared online by Google News

A mysterious pink unicorn has been spotted in an Australian bush, and it’s being dubbed the “pink unicorns” for its unusual coloring.

The “pinky unicorn” has been dubbed the ‘pinky unicorns’ for its strange coloring, a new image shows.

The image was shared on Twitter by Google user @jessicadam and has been viewed over 3.5 million times.

The unicorn was spotted by photographer Matt Lutz on a rural road in Western Australia on February 18.

He said it appeared to be a “mature” unicorn, and that it was the first of its kind seen in the area.

“It was like a giant, pinkish unicorn,” Lutz told ABC News Australia.

“I think it was a mature, full grown male, about six to eight inches in length, it was not a tail or anything.

It was just a full grown unicorn with a very long, pointed tail.”

Lutz says he was unsure if the unicorn was a male or female until a photo was taken.

“At first I thought it was maybe a young, maybe young girl or a young boy, but then it looked like it could have been a mature male or a mature female,” he said.

“When I saw it, I just had to take a closer look.”‘

Mature’ unicorn photographed in WA ‘It was a very beautiful unicorn, I mean it was like, wow, that’s pretty’,” said Matt Lultz, who captured the unicorn on a farm in Western WA.

Matt Lutz says the unicorn looked “mired in dirt” in the photos he took of it.”

The first thing I noticed was it was very, very thick, very white, it just looked like the dirt underneath the unicorn had just turned white,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

Then the next thing I saw was it had a very large horn, very powerful, it really did look like it was made of wood.

“So that’s when I thought ‘this is a really, really tall and powerful unicorn, it’s a really pretty unicorn.'”

Matt Lutons Facebook post about the unicorn drew attention on Twitter.


A pink unicorn.

This is a unicorn with big horn and a tail!” one user wrote.”

This is the first unicorn I’ve ever seen in Australia, I’ve never seen one before,” another added.

Matt told ABC he was a little bit surprised that the unicorn hadn’t been seen before.

“Not sure what it was, I didn’t think it would be this big and powerful.

But then again, that wasn’t really my intention,” he added.”

There were no signs of life in it, but that’s ok, it could be a really bad thing.”

The unicorn is said to be about seven metres tall, but Matt says he didn’t take photos of it before it started to turn white.

“A lot of people had asked me what the hell is going on, and I just said ‘well, there’s a lot of red in that area’.”

So I thought I would just go and take some photos and then I’ll come back and take another picture,” he joked.

Matt says he’s never seen a pink unicorn before, but believes they are rare.”

If I were to ever see one, I would probably go to see if I could get a picture of it, to see what it’s like to see one,” he says.”

But I don’t know, I’d probably never get one.

I wouldn’t even know what the fuck a unicorn is.”‘

Weird looking’ unicorn found in WA, believed to be male”I was actually thinking ‘what’s a unicorn?’, but I don of the thing itself.”

You know, if it had to have its head, I wouldn’d want it to be quite hairy, you know, but it’s got a very hairy head, it looks weird looking, I think I might have seen one in the bush before,” Matt said.

Matt believes the unicorn may be related to the Tasmanian black bear, which has been sighted in the state before.

Matt said he is “extremely disappointed” with the news of the unicorn.

“To be honest, I was very surprised, because this was the second unicorn I’d seen in my life, and the first one had been in the same spot and had been dead for a long time, so I thought maybe it was more common in Tasmania,” he explained.

“And now that I’m in Perth, I’m really bummed that this one is gone, it would have been really nice to have seen this one for a couple of days.”

Matt says it’s too early to tell if the sighting is related to a black bear sighting.

“We have been trying to get an official sighting, we’ve been calling around, we’re hoping someone is going to come and take a picture,” Matt told ABC radio.”Hopefully


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