AT&T will begin offering credit and debit cards at its AT&t Home Depot outlet in 2019

AT&T will begin offering credit and debit cards at its AT&t Home Depot outlet in 2019

The Federal Communications Commission is looking into whether AT&T Home Depot will be able to offer debit and credit cards at some of its retail outlets, according to Axios.

The decision comes after a lawsuit filed last year by the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen accuses the company of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The consumer group argues that AT&, like many retailers, has been charging customers for fees to use its ATMs.

AT& is currently considering the lawsuit, according a spokesperson.

In April, the FCC announced that it is reviewing the legality of AT&%s payment card processing and that it could decide to take action against the company if the company does not make significant changes to address these issues, the spokesperson said.

In February, AT&G said that it would work with the FCC to resolve the dispute.

Public Citizen is challenging the company’s card-and-checkout programs at home, including the AT&&gt Home Depot.

Public Citizen claims that consumers were charged $7.99 per transaction for a debit card and $8.99 for a credit card at the Home Depot store, but these charges have been dropped as of April 30, 2019.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also said in September that it will investigate whether AT &t should offer debit cards to customers at its retail stores.AT&amp ;amp;gt HomeDepot, the nation’s third-largest home improvement retailer, said in a statement that the company will “work with the Federal Communications Commision to ensure that we are compliant with all applicable laws.”


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