Bicycles for sale at bike repair shop

Bicycles for sale at bike repair shop

Bicyclists can now shop for bikes online. 

The California Bicycle Repair Association (BCRA) announced on Wednesday that it is launching a bicycle repair shop in Los Angeles. 

In addition to selling bikes, the shop will also offer bikes for sale, according to BCRA. 

BCRA said the shop will be a new location in the South of Market area of the City of Los Angeles, in the West Hollywood Borough. 

“This is a great opportunity for BCRAs customers to learn about the benefits of purchasing a new bike and how to do so safely and with a minimum of hassle,” said BCRA CEO Paul G. Haney. 

According to a press release from BCRCA, a bike shop will be located in a district of Los Angeles that is near the University of Southern California campus, and be accessible from nearby the airport and from any other street. 

Bikes will be available in both a retail and wholesale price range. 

As the Bicycle Repair Association, BCRB is the oldest and largest bicycle repair and restoration organization in the country. 

It is located near Los Angeles International Airport and on the UCLA campus. 

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