Cop shop owner ‘took money from a client’

Cop shop owner ‘took money from a client’

A former owner of a police shop in Dallas is under criminal investigation by the FBI, who are probing whether the business was a front for a drug trafficking operation. 

Police Chief Art Acevedo says he has ordered an internal review of the matter, which began in December, and the FBI is expected to announce an arrest warrant soon. 

On Saturday, the Dallas County district attorney’s office announced that a warrant had been issued for William Allen Brown, 49, who was indicted on charges of conspiring to distribute cocaine and cocaine-related paraphernalia and two counts of money laundering. 

The arrest warrant accuses Brown, who has been a cop for 15 years, of taking money from an undercover narcotics agent who posed as a drug dealer in the months before he was hired to run the Cop Shop. 

“The investigation into this matter is ongoing,” said Acevedos office. 

Brown’s arrest came on the heels of an indictment unsealed on Thursday in Dallas charging another Cop Shop employee, Christopher Dukes, with racketeering conspiracy and money laundering for allegedly laundering the drug money. 

Dukes was arrested last week and will be held in jail until his trial in June. 

Prosecutors allege that the Cop Store and Dukes worked as fronts for an international drug trafficking organization, which included an offshoot of the Mexican cartels, the Gulf Cartel. 

At least two other Cop Shop employees were indicted in the investigation. 

In October, a Dallas County grand jury indicted three Cop Shop workers, including Brown, on drug charges. 

Investigators say they were looking for Brown and other employees to identify their contacts in an alleged drug ring that was being run by a drug cartel known as the Gulf cartel. 

Acevedos officials say Brown was also suspected of receiving money from the undercover agent. 

After being fired, Brown reportedly moved to Texas. 

He is a certified private investigator who had a previous criminal history in the US and Texas, and his attorney, Michael Hodge, says the investigation is still ongoing. 

According to the indictment, Brown allegedly sent a text message to a law enforcement officer in January of this year, saying he was moving to Texas from Colorado and “getting the job done” for the Gulf. 

Hodge told CNN he has no comment on the indictment. 

Authorities say that, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Texas, investigators are “currently conducting an ongoing criminal investigation into an alleged criminal enterprise.” 

The indictment also states that Brown and Daughters associates were arrested on October 2 and charged with conspiring to transport more than $250,000 in cocaine. 

Federal agents arrested the two men on October 7, and they were released on bond and will remain in custody until trial. 

It is unclear if they have attorneys.