How to be a better thrift shop owner: Lessons from the AFL trade union shop

How to be a better thrift shop owner: Lessons from the AFL trade union shop

With AFL clubs locked in a fierce battle for the future of their membership, the AFL Trade Union Shop Association is set to launch a new website today that aims to highlight the role of union shop members in the AFL.

The AFL Trade Unions Shop Association website will offer a glimpse into the role and contributions of the union shop and offer advice on how to build a successful shop.AFL Trade Union Shop Association co-founder and president Ben O’Connor said the website would give AFL clubs a clear and useful way of engaging with members and the public.

“Membership is a great way of connecting with the public and the community and that’s why we’ve put together this site.”

The AFL is one of the oldest and most popular leagues in the world and we’re committed to making it the best it can be.

“We’re proud to be one of AFL clubs with the largest membership of any AFL club and we want to give our members a clear, practical way of reaching out to the public to share their views, ideas and experiences.”

The AFL union shop is set up under the AFLPA umbrella and is managed by AFL Trade Organisations Australia (ATO).

“The union shop will help members and members’ representatives understand how to best engage with their local and national AFL clubs and the wider community,” Mr O’Donnell said.”AFL clubs are a powerful tool to build the future workforce of Australia and we will provide a forum for our members to voice their views on the issues that affect them.”

He said union shop representatives would also be able to discuss AFL issues, including union law, and union politics.

The website will be launched by the AFL Shop Association at a media event on the day of the AFL All-Star Game.