How To Be A Cool Dude When You’re A Teenager

How To Be A Cool Dude When You’re A Teenager

By Dan Stobert – 10/12/2018″I had a couple of drinks with my best friends the other night, and I was sitting at a barber chair in the back room and I had my cellphone out.

I had just gotten back from a friend’s birthday party and I got up and started taking pictures.

I was taking pictures of people, I was texting my friends, and this person walked up and asked me what I was up to.

I just kind of said ‘Oh, I’m on a mission.’

So I asked him if I could give him a call.

He said ‘You know, I want to give you some money, so I’m just going to call up this guy and he’ll give you $500.'”

“I was like, ‘Okay, let’s do this.’

So he called me and I went to the phone.

I picked up the phone and I started dialing him, and it was just this dude who sounded like he was from a certain city and I don’t know what country.

He asked me to call his mom and he was like ‘Hi mom, I need your help with this, I have some money that I can give you.’

I was like OK, I can do that, I’ll call her.

So he took the call, and then he told me he was on a crusade, and he wanted $500 to help his friend.

So I got in the phone, and we talked for about five minutes, and when he got on the phone with his mom, she was like “Okay, he’s got to come over for his birthday.”

And I was on my way.

So the next thing I know, the next day I’m driving up to the mall with a few friends.

I got the money, he comes over, and the next morning, he is on his way to my birthday.”

“So the other day, my friend was going to his birthday party at a friend of mine’s house, and my friend went to his house, he bought a little gift for his friend, and his friend’s mom was just like ‘Well, that’s what we’ve been waiting for.’

So she was super excited.

So, she got me this big gift bag, I brought it home, and she said, ‘I have no idea what’s in there.’

And I’m like ‘No, it’s like $2,500.’

So, I went home and was like okay, you know what, let me go back and get my mom and see what’s inside.

So my mom went to my house and went to get some money.

She went to her car, and, I guess, she’s like, I don, I didn’t know, this is really weird.

I can’t believe this is even in there.

So she goes to get the cash out of the car, I go home, get my stuff and I call my mom.

And then she’s in tears, I think I can still hear her screaming.

She goes back to the store, I get the money and she goes, ‘That’s not in there, it wasn’t there.’

I don?t know if I’m gonna take this anymore.”

“I’m sitting at my computer typing this text and the phone rings, and somebody rings up, and they’re like ‘Hey, hey, we got some new stuff for you, what’s your name?’

So I’m getting ready to go out for dinner, and that’s when I hear the phone ring again.

And my friend, this guy is in the background.

He’s like ‘I just want to tell you, you’re going to get this thing for your birthday.

I mean, you don’t have to pay $500 for it, you can give it to someone else.’

And he’s like’I’m gonna give you a gift card.’

And my friends and I were like ‘What?!’

So I go back out to my friend’s house and we’re like, okay, so what did you guys say?’

He goes ‘Yeah, we want to help you.’

And we’re going, ‘OK, we’re ready.’

And so I got this little envelope, and on the front, it was a $5,000 gift card to a beauty supply store.

And I opened it up, I put it in the envelope, it looked like a gift certificate, and there were like five different companies on there.

And so, my friends goes ‘OK!

Let’s go get the $500.’

And, the cashier was like you know, we didn?t give you any cash, you guys have to go through us.

So we go over there, we put the money in the register, and just to make sure that everything was in order, I gave the cash back to them.

And they said ‘Thank you, that was


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