How to sell the ‘right’ to be gay to the right: How to appeal to gay voters

How to sell the ‘right’ to be gay to the right: How to appeal to gay voters

The Supreme Court has struck down a federal law that barred state and local governments from denying services to gay people.

The justices also struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

And the justices are set to hear arguments in a case that could determine the future of marriage equality.

Here’s a look at how to appeal and how to win your fight against marriage equality: What to know about marriage equality and same-sex marriage: How to appeal your case to the Supreme Court: Why same-gender marriage is so important: The history of gay rights: Who’s winning the gay marriage battle? 

Why gay marriage is such a hot button issue: More from The American Conservatives: “This case is about marriage, not discrimination,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority in the 4-3 decision.

“This case challenges the federal government’s decision to refuse to recognize and provide benefits to same- sex couples who, in fact, marry.”

The ruling comes on the heels of the Supreme court ruling last year that legalized same- gender marriage in all 50 states, ending a decades-long effort by opponents to limit marriage rights to opposite-sex couples.

The ruling also comes on top of other significant wins in the legal battles over marriage equality in recent years.

In 2014, the Supreme Supreme Court ruled in favor of same- gay marriage in California, ruling that states are not obligated to recognize it as valid.

The state of Michigan also overturned its ban on gay marriage by passing a gay marriage law in 2016.

In 2018, the court struck down another federal law prohibiting discrimination against same- or opposite-gender couples, ruling against a provision that had allowed religious organizations to refuse service to same sex couples.

That law, known as Title VII, was challenged by the ACLU and other gay rights groups, who argued it discriminated against gay couples.


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