Rims to be sold online, not in stores

Rims to be sold online, not in stores

RIMS has been forced to ditch its online shopping plans as it struggles to maintain its top spot in the world’s most popular sporting goods market.

The company’s flagship Rims range of shoes, bags and wallets will be available for sale in online shops on Monday, the company said in a statement on Monday.

But the move comes as rival brands such as Adidas and Reebok are increasingly selling their goods online, with both companies seeing their sales grow faster than Rims’.

“We’re in a unique position right now, and the time is right to make sure we can deliver on our promise to our customers and create a great retail experience,” said Rims CEO Martin Bischoff in a conference call with analysts last month.

Rims has been trying to boost sales at home and abroad in recent years as it has been losing ground to the likes of Adidas and the likes from Reebox.

But the company also faces pressure from retailers, who say online sales have failed to keep pace with sales in stores.

“Rims is a well-known brand and it is in a position where we can sell more products online,” said Reebux Chief Executive Chris Durnin.

“So that is why we’re looking to increase our sales on our website.”

I think it’s a great opportunity for us to be able to take our brand into new territory and that is the case with this announcement.

“For us to really deliver on what we’ve been talking about, it will be in our home market of Ireland, which is where the majority of our sales come from.”

The move comes after Rims said on Monday that it had reached a deal to buy up to 30 per cent of rival shoe retailer Reebo for $9.2 billion.

But Rims has not revealed the price of the deal.

Rims had been under pressure from rival brands, including Adidas, to sell off some of its brands.

Last month, Rims also said it would sell off the Reebos branded shoes it had sold for $50 million to other brands in an attempt to boost its online sales.


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