When you can’t get enough chocolate and chocolate bars, try this new app from @wish: “Chocolate, Wishes & Bars”

When you can’t get enough chocolate and chocolate bars, try this new app from @wish: “Chocolate, Wishes & Bars”

Apple is finally getting serious about its chocolate-obsessed smartphone business.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant just announced that it’s teaming up with Wish for its “Choc-Chocolate” app, a collection of curated products aimed at “wishing you chocolate and wishing you well,” according to the company.

The app, which was first unveiled back in May, aims to bring more chocolate products to Apple’s app store, including the popular Choc-Chip chocolate bar, and will also feature a “chocolate and wishes” section where users can “lose” items like ChocPops, ChocMash, ChocoCups, and more.

In addition, the app will include Wish’s “ChocoPops,” “Chocoladots,” and “Chow-Mats,” which are made from the company’s own chocolate and treats.

While the app is only available for iOS devices, the team has promised to update the app “in the coming weeks.”

Apple is also teaming with Wish to launch a subscription service that will offer a selection of “choc-chocolate-only” products and will give the company the ability to “unlock” and “uncut” products for “special events.”

While the product selection is limited, the company is “working hard to make sure it has everything you could possibly want,” Wish CEO and founder James Pomerantz told Fortune.

“The idea is to help the entire world get their hands on this special chocolate.”

Wish, which is owned by the same family as the candy company Hershey, is reportedly the most popular chocolate bar brand in the world, with more than 2.5 billion bars sold last year alone.


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