Why are the ladies wearing flip flops?

Why are the ladies wearing flip flops?

When the first lady of Japan made headlines for her flip flop-inspired fashion statement, erik was already a fan.

But the fashionista also had a plan.

Erik’s new collection of shoes, which she shared on Instagram, feature the popular Japanese footwear brand Tetsuya Kanae.

While many Japanese brands were known for their high heels, erika’s shoes were meant to be a more casual take on the popular footwear trend.

The heels, which were also designed by Tetsuyanagi, were created with a simple, low heel design.

While it may look similar to a flip floppy, eriko’s shoes have a lot more of a classic silhouette, with a toe box, heel cup, and a heel ring.

Erika’s shoe collection is the second collaboration for the erika of Japan.

Her first collaboration, in the form of a shirt, was unveiled in 2014.